About ttrs


TTRS is a computer based course for children and adults who have spelling and reading difficulties dyslexia and other learning differences.
Learning is promoted by a multi-sensory approach:
  • A systematic programme of seeing, listening, speaking and typing
  • Seeing the words written on the screen as they are typed out
  • Hearing the words pronounced as they are typed
  • Student and computer are interactive allowing for immediate self correction of errors and feedback of results
  • The structured ttrs course is finely graded in modules and levels building from words to sentences
  • With each successful module completed the student is encouraged to progress further
  • Students develop their own learning speed, therefore there are no peer group pressures
  • ttrs gives focus and support for a positive learning experience
For whom is this course designed?
  • TTRS is for anyone who has reading, spelling, or writing difficulties
  • TTRS helps both ADULTS and CHILDREN
  • TTRS especially helpful for DYSLEXIA and those with SPECIFIC LEARNING DIFFICULTIES
Why TTRS Works:


TTRS is multi-sensory
  • The words used are presented in phonetic groups
  • SEEING A series of levels, each of 30 modules, is clearly presented to the student as words and sentences
  • HEARING The student hears the words as they are about to type them. Each course has at least 6 dictation modules based on the preceding exercises. These are typed by the student and monitored by the computer. Students are encouraged to SAY the words as they type them.
  • TOUCHING This is the kinaesthetic approach, a sensation of movement is perceived by the student: "Talking with my fingers.
  • "When I want to spell a word, I just think where my fingers would go."
The Read and Remember Option
  • This is a version of Look, Cover, Spell, Check and Write.
  • The student types the word, and it then disappears and the student has to type it from memory.
  • The student learns how to type and spell groups of words in the LEARNING MODULES
  • They are then tested on the accuracy of their learning in the fifth or DICTATION MODULES. The student can 'internalise' the spellings using the Read and Remember option
Practise, Repetition and Correction
  • The course gives a great deal of practise without the tedium of writing
  • Mistakes are shown instantly, and the pupil quickly puts them right
  • This means that they see, and type, the correct spellings MANY MORE TIMES than they see or type the incorrect ones
  • Some students report that their fingers come to 'know the spellings' as they think the words
TTRS has a phonetic structure
  • The order in which the words are presented has been carefully considered
  • The order is based on the progression found in Alpha to Omega
  • The words on the screen are in large clear type. This helps to focus the student's attention on the structure and spelling of the word
Motivation, Visible Progress, Feedback for results
  • The student makes visible progress through a structured course
  • Students feel in control of their own learning
  • Each part of the course is divided up into short modules
  • The student's progress is recorded, reported and accessible
  • Progress can be checked at the end of any module. This builds a very real sense of achievement
  • Confidence and morale can be built, replacing the experience of failure which many students have known before
Course Objectives promote learning through:
  • Building confidence through measurable success
  • Immediate self correction of errors and feedback of results
  • A multi-sensory approach, seeing, hearing and touch-typing
  • A planned programme of learning that is finely structured and computerised




Types of Licences:

Independent Centres:

There are over 30 independent ttrs centres in Ireland. These centres provide the ttrs course to children and adults. Managed by fully trained staff, they provide one hour weekly sessions during term time, after school, throughout the year. To see a list of Independent centres, please see our locations page.
Education Licence:
Schools, colleges and other organisations are licensed annually to deliver the ttrs course to their students. All teachers involved in the delivery are fully trained and licensed by ttrs after a free three week pilot course.
Home Course Licence:
The ttrs home course is available to children and adults who wish to study ttrs at home. The licence can be renewed annually.