Business Opportunity

We are looking for people throughout Ireland to run TTRS Tutor Centres. In these centres TTRS is delivered to classes of up to 10 students at a time. Courses are usually run after school hours or on weekends and can be offered to students of all ages.

Candidates should be eager to run their own part-time business and motivated to help improve literacy in those with learning differences. Centres can run as many TTRS classes per week as is suitable. TTRS Tutor Centres usually hire a computer room from a school, community centre, etc. TTRS can also be delivered by an existing IT training organisation.

If you would be interested in running a TTRS Tutor Centre and would like more information, please contact us:


TTRS Master Licence Holder Ireland

Tom Lawlor

Maynooth Computer Training

Tel: 01-6270631