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Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS) Research

1) Results of a Research Project into the possible Impact on Literacy and Attitude of SEN pupils through Touch-type Read and Spell (Click on image to view video)

2) Llian Stephens - Evaulating the success of the Touch-type Read and Spell computer program on two groups of dyslexic children
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3) Sally Topley, Perth, Western Australia - Teaching phonics to adult non-readers using a culturally-neutral and age-appropriate computer based literacy course (TTRS)
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4) TTRS in Youth Offending Institutions
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More research available on request.

5) TTRS Final Report of the Pentonville Prison Dyslexia Project.
A Joint Initiative of The British Dyslexia Association and Pentonville Prison Funded by The National Year of Reading, 1998-1999
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6) Greenwich Report - TTRS for the Visually Impaired
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7) Whiting, P.R. & Chapman, E. (2000) Evaluation of a computer-based program to teach reading and
spelling to students with learning difficulties. Australian Journal of Learning Disabilities, 5(4), 11-17.
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8) TTRS and St Augustines School, Lewisham (2007)
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