The following is a small sample of the testimonials given by educational professionals, TTRS students and their parents here in Ireland:

I work as a Resouce Teacher with a large number of students at the Natrional Learning Network in Navan, Co. Meath. We cater for learners with a variety of lerning difficulties including Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD and Down Syndrome.

I have found that learners experiencing learning difficulties using conventional educational tools engaged extremely well with the Touch-type Read and Spell course as they were able to work at their own pace and gained positive feedback at every stage of the course.

Working with TTRS helps learners in increasing their vocabulary and improving basic grammar and spelling as well as keyboard skills. TTRS creates positive reinforcement and improves learning motivation and stamina.

I would highly recommend the TTRS course for teachers to use with their students of all ages and ability levels.

The Certificate of Completion is a wonderful outcome for our learners at the end of all their hard work and efforts. 

Wendy Malone - Resource Teacher NLN


I cannot believe the difference this programme has made to my sons life...His self esteem is greater than it has been for the past two years and his happiness is portrayed by a smile at his own achievement... All of these improvements I put down to this Programme (ttrs)... there is little help out there for children with these difficulties.' Catherine O'Sullivan-McGrath, at TTRS, Tallaght Library, Dublin.


'Touch-type Read and Spell has helped me achieve a skill in typing with good accuracy, improved my reading and memorising spellings. Having a typing skill helps me surf on the internet more and communicate with people online. This is an advantage when compiling my CV and will improve my job prospects when going for interviews. TTRS has given me confidence, a skill, and has boosted my self- esteem. I am so happy I have completed the TTRS programme'

Shane (student), Castleknock Independent Centre, Dublin, Ireland


Laura is the first student to complete the entire TTRS course in Ireland

Laura started in October 2006 and achieved 3 x 100% and 305 "Excellents" Congratulations Laura!

Laura R: "TTRS has helped me a lot with my spelling, reading and typing. Since starting the course, I have improved immensely in all my spelling tests. I feel more confident reading and have begun to read bigger books like Harry Potter. My typing has improved greatly. It is faster to do anything on the computer now and I type lots of stories. Before the course I did not read much or type at all. The course has helped me so, so much. Thank you. Laura."

Susan R (mother): "TTRS has improved Laura's short-term memory, her spelling and her self-confidence."


'As a mother of two sons that have participated in the TTRS programme, I have found the programme to be of great benefit to both my sons. They have both very different reasons for doing the TTRS programme. One had struggled with reading, learning, literacy, memorizing and accuracy with spellings with poor handwriting. Completing TTRS has helped him improve immensely in all these areas. It has improved his confidence and self-esteem, learning at school, and most of all he is very proud of achieving and receiving his Certificate of Completion. He believes this will help his future career prospects. My other son, although he was good in the areas of reading and spelling, had issues with concentration and completing tasks. TTRS gave him a skill in touch typing, with very high scores in accuracy and speed. The course gave him targets to reach and improved his concentration in doing so. He finished the programme in a very short time. His improved self-esteem has helped with his concentration in school. He is very proud to have finished the programme and receiving his Certificate of Completion in TTRS. He knows this skill will improve his career prospects'

Edel Quinn (Parent), Castleknock Independent Centre, Dublin, Ireland


'TTRS has given me a typing skill that I use everyday and when I have work to do in school or at home, I can complete it much faster than before. It is a skill that I will continue to use for the rest of my life and I think anyone who uses a computer for school or work purposes should learn how to touch-type. In my computer class in school I stand out from the rest of my classmates with my 60 words per minute typing speed and accuracy. This makes me proud to have such an achievement'

Ross Quinn Castleknock Independent Centre, Dublin, Ireland


"....... So, when she heard about a programme called Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS), she decided to investigate and consequently signed Jordan up for a three month stint.

The modules of TTRS are specifically designed for children - and adults - with reading, writing and/or spelling difficulties and while Evelyn hoped Jordan would gain a few skills, she hadn't bargained on a complete transformation.

Wearing headphones, Jordan sits at a computer and hears words spoken: he sees the same words clearly displayed on the screen and he then types them on the keyboard.

"Using sound, visuals and touch, each student works at their own pace," explains Evelyn. "It's fairly new to Ireland. In fact, I think Jordan is the first boy to complete the programme here."

What she learned is that her son is computer-orientated and now that he has grasped the rudiments of the programme, he has really come into his own.

"It was really frustrating for my son, who is really innovative and creative, that he had no formal way of getting his ideas out. One year and three months later, he is now touch-typing at a good speed. For a child who never got his spellings right, who was slow at reading or delivering his ideas through writing, this is great - it opens up a whole new avenue for him."

"And for once in his life, he can actually do something that most other children can't. I now feel he has some sort of advantage," Evelyn says.

Jordan has gone from a situation where he couldn't even choose a book from the teacher's shelves because he simply couldn't read the titles to a situation today where he is reading quite well.

His proud mother is in no doubt that much has been gained by the TTRS programme and Jordan's commitment to it.

" He's reading well now and so his confidence and self-esteem have increased. Even his spelling has improved. He's much happier in school now he is supported by this learned (computer) skill that he finds he is good at," she said.

Jordan is a really nice, very honest young boy with a lovely smile and a wry sense of humour. His mother says most of the artwork around the house has been done by him, and that he is a whizz at designing living spaces using the Sims (life simulator) computer game or Lego.

He says he wants to be a guard when he grows up and laughs heartily when I suggest that he combine his interests and design buildings for the Garda Siochana.

One thing is certain, whatever he decides to do he will do to the very best of his ability and with his new-found skill, this very likeable lad will go far.

Extract from the Sunday Independent Vol. 103 No. 24 June 15, 2008 - LIFE Magazine - written by journalist Joy Orpen about Jordan McGrath and his mother Evelyn